Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Aliant Hotspots changing the way customers connect for business or travel - SolutionInc selected to provide critical back office services

For those of you who don't think I do any work... this is my latest product launch. Paul Pothier is my boss' boss. SolutionInc sent me a nice box of cookies today to celebrate. mmmmm.....

Aliant Hotspots changing the way customers connect for business or travel - SolutionInc selected to provide critical back office services Now available in locations across Atlantic Canada

HALIFAX, June 27 /CNW/ - Customers working or traveling across AtlanticCanada now have access to a fast and reliable Aliant Hotspot service. Theinnovative commercial service - employing wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) technology- is being launched today by Aliant, the leading information andcommunications technology provider in the region, in collaboration withSolutionInc Limited (TSX-VEN:STL), a leader in Internet connectivity and hotspot management.

Aliant Hotspots offer customers the convenience of accessing the Internetwhile away from home or work using their Wi-Fi enabled wireless device, suchas a laptop. "Aliant is proud to provide a reliable, easy to use hotspot service toour customers and the many travelers to the Atlantic region," said PaulPothier, Director, Wireless Business Marketing, Aliant. "Together withindustry leader SolutionInc, we are able to provide our customers a servicethat offers 24-hour customer support, access from a wide variety of locationsand across the high-speed network our customers have come to rely on."

The following public and private locations provide Aliant Hotspotservice:
- Charlottetown Airport
- Deer Lake Regional Airport
- Greater Moncton International Airport
- Saint John Airport
- Marine Atlantic Terminals
- Argentia, NL
- North Sydney, NS
- Port-Aux-Basques, NL
- Moncton Coliseum Complex

Visitors to the Moncton Coliseum Complex can use the new, co-hosted WiFiMoncton / Aliant Hotspot service powered by SolutionIP(TM) Enterprise andenjoy a reliable and secure Internet connection. "Guests to the coliseumduring the 2006 Canadian Hockey League Memorial Cup Tournament last month gavethe Hotspot service rave reviews," boasted Mr. Dan Babineau, Director ofInformation Systems, City of Moncton. "We are very pleased with the service and the support that Aliant and SolutionInc have shown us."

"Our solution is ideal for an innovative company like Aliant,"SolutionInc President and CEO Mr. Glen Lavigne comments. "We are in thebusiness of connecting people and communities through the delivery of ourInternet management software and services. This solution allows Aliantcustomers to capitalize on the exploding public access and hotspot market."The service is easy to sign up for and simple to use, with payment optionsranging from one hour to 24 hour access through credit card payment.

In March, Aliant and SolutionInc announced a partnership to providehotels and enterprises with the fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi Internetconnectivity in Atlantic Canada using SolutionIP(TM) software. SolutionIncprovides back end management and support for the services.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Gas Price Soap Box

Gas prices are higher than they used to be.

I remember era's in life largely by what price my dad was complaining the gas price was. I remember when it broke the $.50/L mark. Not a happy day. It got even worse when I started paying for my own gas and it broke the $.60 and then the $.70 marks and then it seemed to jump straight to the $1.00 mark. Not happy times.

It got me thinking...

Sure, paying for gasoline is expensive. The increase in the cost of oil and gas causes the increase in price of most all consumer goods. As it costs more to move stuff around, prices generally go up. This is not good. I never like it when prices go up but I'm not receiving any additional value. But I digress.

See, I don't think the price of gas is the most outrageous and scandalous cost in the marketplace today. And here's why I think that. Imagine if you had to fill your tank with oh, say, Pepsi. A 595 ml bottle of Pepsi costs about $1.50 plus that darned $.10 per bottle deposit. All for a small container of sugar water.

Even worse. What if you had to fill your tank with a bottle of bottled water. Same price and they don't even add the sugar and harmful chemicals! They go to the nearest lake and hook you up with a bottle of stuff they did nothing to create and very little to add value to. Don't think for a second that they're hauling that stuff from some magical mountain in France somewhere.

And then we get to gas. Yes, it costs a lot to fill your tank. I understand. But think about how much we'd be paying for bottled water if it could only be found in say, Saudi Arabia.

That'd be nuts.

My point is this. I'm not sure that ranting on gas prices is the most creative use of our time. Maybe if vehicles consumed less of the stuff, the price wouldn't matter too much. If you went to your local Sobeys and saw a 1L bottle of Pepsi for for $1.10 you may or may not buy it, but you wouldn't be morally outraged. So, sell the SUV, shut off the car rather than letting it idle, get your engine tuned up, walk instead of driving. Whatever.

Just remember the next time you're drinking Pepsi or a $50 bottle of wine, or are considering buying a bottle of perfume (sorry The Sister) - how costly would it be if I actually needed this stuff?

There Margaret. No more hate mail and threats please! {smirk}


Monday, June 05, 2006

Just a quick update

The past month or so has been quite eventful, but busier than I would prefer. I've been in my house now for about 6 weeks. On May 6 I had a big house warming party. Since then, I've been doing all of the normal house things like mowing my lawn and hanging towel racks. It's actually a great feeling. I love having my own place! I bought a BBQ the other day but haven't had time to put it together.

On the May long weekend I chaperoned a youth trip to Sackville, NB for May Rally. As part of that we went to see The Newsboys in Saint John. Fun times!

Along the way I've been helping a friend of mine, Andrew Black, in his political campaign in Halifax Needham. No, I don't live in the riding, but he's a good guy who deserves a chance to be in government. Plus, the NDP incumbant is very left-wing which doesn't help anybody. I've been helping with scheduling and volunteer coordination mostly.

Also, I was house-sitting for a few weeks for a friend. Fun, but a little bit of a hassle, what with the new house and all.

This past weekend Vanessa and I went to see Stabillo at The Marquee. They put on a good show.

This weekend I'll be at Caton's Island Camp speaking at a youth ministry leader's convention. I'll be speaking for 75 minutes so as if the topic wasn't challenging enough, the length will be a first for me.

And that's about it. As fun and challenging as it all is I need a break. I feel bad for poor Lau, he's called me like 3 times and I haven't had time yet. After this weekend and the election, life should clear up. Or at least that's my hope.

That's all.