Thursday, September 28, 2006

Trip to Boston

I was in Boston a few weeks ago to visit my sister. It was a great trip. We went to a Sox game, did some outlet shopping, and went to a State Fair. Also, they had a pre-birthday party for me. Here are some pics. Doesn't the belt buckle from the State Fair say it all?
Thanks to The Sister for being a great host!

Stay tuned. The next post will include details from my 30th birthday bash including the Top Ten Signs I'm Getting Old and Top Ten Signs I'm Not Getting Old. Hold your breath!

A Couple of things...

Graeme Higgs asked me to write a column for the C&C Newsletter as a welcome from alumni to this year's group. Here's my colunm.

Welcome to CnC

God has done some amazing things over the past ten years of College & Career at the Higgs. I have seen many lives changed and made many great friends through the ministry. It is always exciting to see people getting passionate about their walk with Jesus.

This year you have the chance to be a part of a special ministry. You can experience some great worship, hear some insightful teaching and give and receive of who you are in your small group, all the time learning and growing in community. The adventure that God wants to take you on starts with you getting focused in your walk with Him and on how you can love those around you.

I mentioned seeing lives changed. I have seen C&Cers changing parts of the world through missions experiences. I have seen campus ministries thrive through the work of C&Cers. And I have seen the College & Career ministry launch many people off into the community and ministry of the local church.

So, you get to be a part of God’s tradition through the Higgs’ ministry. It is a great
opportunity. Let me encourage you to push yourself to make some new friends, challenge your mind to some new thoughts and jump with both feet into the adventure that God has for you.

I thank God for His work in my life through the ministry and ask His richest blessings on your time there.

Also, big news for me. At the end of October I will be going to Brooklyn with a work team from Go Missions to do construction on an inner city children's ministry facility. I'm excited! It should be a great experience and a great chance to contribute while building my handyman skills.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Dance of Diplomacy

This is a funny article about Peter Mackay and Condi Rice. I had a good laugh.

And, for those who wondered if all roads lead to Halifax...